Portfolio & Project Management for Corporate Real Estate Professionals


Complete solution for portfolio management

Effectively handles all portfolio administration requirements to drive workplace processes and business expertise with:

  • GAAP compliant financial management capabilities and AP-GL interfaces
  • Leased/owned property administration tools
  • Real-time reporting with extensive critical date management tools
  • 100% success rate in migrating data from competing products and legacy systems

Lease Administration

  • Complete solution for managing your owned and leased real estate assets
  • Comprehensive financial solutions for rent payments, operating expense management, escalation and CAM expenses, and expense reconciliation
  • Critical date management to automatically notify designated individuals of upcoming deadlines via e-mail
  • SOX-compliant processes to ensure consistent oversight and reporting
  • Easy allocation of recurring and one-time expenses to ensure proper GAAP treatment

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Project Management

Give your real estate project management an impact that is far-reaching and enhances corporate performance and profitability. This suite of tools is a common-sense solution that manages all aspects of your real estate projects and transactions and promotes a cohesive, collaborative and accountable team environment for managing multiple complex projects.

  • Seamlessly integrate with e-mail, MS Project and other third-party applications
  • Allow users to define templates to efficiently create a structured, replicable approach to managing all projects
  • Automate traditionally manual tasks to help expedite critical matters

Construction Administration

  • Monitor contracts, change orders and supplemental requests with user-friendly reports and email reminders
  • Track funding to contract commitments and payables to identify areas of expense leakage and resource inefficiency
  • Provide a central point of communication to manage multiple vendors, documents and critical information
  • Utilize metrics to manage and measure the performance of service providers
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Income Administration

This simplified approach to managing sub-tenant income administration is configurable and user-friendly.

  • Customize invoices and statements to fit your needs
  • Maintain transaction history on all sub-tenant billing with aging and delinquency reports
  • Compatible with third-party applications for easy access to critical information
  • Comprehensive reporting to quickly compare leased and vacant square feet, view outstanding sub-tenant balances and manage open items

Document Manager

Instant access to all of your critical real estate files gives your department a new level of accessibility while ensuring version control.

  • Secure, centralized electronic storage of documents, drawings, contracts and pictures
  • Instant access to view, edit and manage documents
  • Search and filtering capabilities to quickly find the exact document you need
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Real-time reporting of critical information

  • Utilize the industry’s most powerful ad-hoc reporting tool
  • Create user-defined reports or access an extensive library of existing reports that are fully customizable.
  • Schedule reports to be delivered on a regular basis so you don’t have to think about it anymore